Previously, we talked about the types of dentures; the complete and partial dentures. Now, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of dentures.

As much as we want to benefit from this artificial teeth, there are still some disadvantages it carry and it’s normal.


Let’s start with the disadvantages so we can finish this read on a positive note.

Moving. Because dentures are removable the possibility of moving is always present. We always see videos when they accidentally spit their dentures out while talking, right? But, this is rare to happen especially if you’re conscious while speaking and you get used to it.

Cleaning. To maintain the color and strength of a denture, cleaning should be done delicately. Well, it’s not hard to clean your dentures for a gorgeous smile rather than losing your confidence while losing your tooth.


Losing your teeth especially those that are visible when smiling can pull down your confidence. Having an artificial to fill those decayed and extracted teeth will definitely eliminate the negativity and shyness to smile.

Communication will always be the key. And with a complete teeth, speaking problems will be solved. Speaking clearly is as easy as pie.

Longevity. A denture can last up to a decade before it can be replaced. So, what’s the worry?