Causes of Dark Teeth

Confidence is everything. The way we carry ourselves has a significant impact on our mood and motivation. Smiling is a handy tool to lighten up the day, but what if your teeth have darkened?
Worry not; we will figure out the causes to retain the confidence.
There are different reasons why the teeth darken, but none among the causes benefits oral health.
The first and foremost reason is poor oral hygiene. Failure to brush and floss the Causes of Dark Teeth regularly will darken the teeth.
The foods and beverages we put in our diet are also to blame. If we are consuming too many black sodas, coffee, and wine, the chances of having darker teeth are inevitable.
Blueberries and other foods that are leaving stains are also part of the causes.
Aside from the diet, smoking cigarettes and cigars are equal culprits to the Causes of Dark Teeth’ unsightly color.
Lastly, age also has something to say about the color of the Causes of Dark Teeth. For each decade that we age, the teeth tend to go up one to two shades darker.
Thankfully, with our dentists, we can bring back the glowing, sparkling gorgeous smile once again. Gorgeous Smile Dental offers several ways on how to whiten the teeth. If interested, give us a call!
But the most critical step to take is to turn away from the wrong diet and lifestyle. Eat healthily and quit smoking.