The force smile holds is inescapable. The miracles it bring for yourself and others are progressively significant relying upon how you wear that grin.

At Luminous Smile Dental, we flourish to give our patients the most recent medicines and innovation a dental specialist can offer to give the best outcomes.

In doing as such, our facility joined forces with GLO Professional Treatments to bring teeth brightening to an unheard of level!

In-Office Whitening

This should be possible effortlessly inside 60 minutes!

Dr. Hilado is at the head of her group in doing the treatment as she persistently offer the best types of assistance accessible for every patients.

Alongside the administrations of her fragile hands, the teeth brightening treatment likewise incorporates the innovation of warming warmth and light focus fueled by GLO and expert quality brightening gel.

Bring Home Whitening

You can likewise purchased a do-it-without anyone else’s help brightening with the directions given by our dental specialist.