Art is an expression or an application of the creative skill and imagination. It can be painting, sculpting, tattoo, piercing, etc.

Art has a wide scope and one that is related to the oral health is the oral piercing. While it is a way of expressing one’s self, it has its own risks that can affect the oral health if not taken care properly.

Piercing the tongue may cause swollenness which could result in difficulty for breathing.

Here are the other risks you may deal with:

Damage fillings
Difficulty in eating, swallowing
Allergic reaction
Gum Disease
May also lead to hepatitis b and c
While we don’t discourage anyone on having oral piercing, there are things to remember so it will not be a burden sooner or later.

We recommend to get vaccines for hepatitis b and c first before undergoing piercing. It is also wise to choose shop that is clean and safe. Also follow the procedures on keeping it clean so it will not ruin your style and your health at the same time.