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San Jose Ca Newark Ca Dentist – Finding best dentist in San Jose Ca or Newark Ca at affordable and cheap low cost is really a challenge for any patients. But would you believe that Luminous Smile Dental Dentists able to have these attributes with no compromises?


There are several review websites in the internet but we are not certain which is real or fake. There are reviews that look like real but when you scrutinize it they are motivated by their personal vested interest. There are also short reviews though ‘anemic’ but they are precise and on point. Who will you trust? What will you choose in the long run? For your convenience you spend some time to read the following g elements of a best dentist plus the reviews cited below.


The following elements or attributes of a dentist will give you idea on who will choose the next time you will visit a dental office or clinic. It may vary prior to the patient needs and of course to the inevitable circumstances.


This is a common old adage and it applies perfectly to any dental offices. Why we should check on this trait? Well it is imperative that we never want to be fooled, misled, cheated, or even taken for granted.It is human nature to be upset whenever someone disappointed us. Its a reality. But in dental health care, you should look on the eyes of the dentist when you meet him or her personally. From there you can sense if there is truth in everything the dentist says. So who cares if the dentist is honest or not? Well an honest dentist will give you the best solutions no matter how expensive it is. Some entices their patient by offering low cost services. Why? Because offering low cost dental services is really attractive in general. However, quality is at stake in the long run. They said that you will get what you pay for. How can you determine if a dentist is honest? Look at his eyes and ask him or her a lot of questions as many as you can. From there you can grasp his or her intentions.


Being reachable and friendly are the top qualities you must check. Why? The moment you get this type of dentist you can go back again and again anytime plus you can even communicate the dentist even day off!


A best dentist will not ask you to rely on reviews instead he or she will invite you to have a visit to their dental office.Why? As what you have read earlier, a best dentist is too honest by telling you the truth about your problems and even the best solutions for it no matter how pricey it is. Luminous Smile Dental is unique i its own way. You are always URGED to visit us instead of relying on online reviews that are so easy to pretend. Here are our dental offices you can check and visit.

NEWARK Ca Dental Office

Newark Dental Clinic 5910 Thornton Ave. Ste. B Newark, CA 94560 510-792-4525

Tips and Warnings

  • Always ask and consult first before making any decisions
  • If you have read anything whether good or bad always confirm it to the dental office. It is nothing to lose if you ask them. If they deny or accept just stick on your discernment and wisdom.
  • Be brave to negotiate if necessary
  • Call the dentist or dental office first before visiting so that you will minimize any risks
  • Do you homework or do research before everything else. You know it is just a click away all you have to do is to validate it when you visit the dentist. You will save bucks in transportation, time, efforts, and even headaches.
  • Call a friend or do a survey in social media. The moment you post it online for sure more feedback will come out as you may not know your friend have been there before. In this way you can get suggestions or recommendations with validated testimonies.


You are not discouraged to read reviews in fact you are invited and URGED to read more stuffs online but see to it that you will validate it right away. As we have said not all the stuffs you see and read are true. Some of them are fabricated. Undecided? Confused? Worried? Anxious? Here are the honest dentist reviews in San Jose and Newark California for your reference and guidance. You are so IMPORTANT to us and thus YOU are CARED and VALUED by our team very much. Here you go and feel free to contact us if you want more!
Less than 3 months ago

by Alicia B.

(Verified Patient)

Always a pleasant visit. I no longer have dentist anxiety.

June 24, 2017

by Ilene B.

(Verified Patient)

She has a gentle, professional manner & is virtually painless1

June 24, 2017

by Charlie C

(Verified Patient)

My son and I had an appt with Dr. Precilyn Silvestre-Melo today. This was not our first time here. She and her staff are awesome! My son’s first visit here, he was very anxious and nervous. She and her friendly staff slowly eased him in and took their time with him, assuring him the whole way through. By today’s visit, he was like a seasoned pro. While I was talking to her assistant, he went in with out any coaxing and I find him sitting in the chair chatting with another staff member getting ready for Xrays. Wow! As for me, I’ve been through a lot of dentists in my life and I can say with confidence that Dr. Silvestre-Melo is exceptional! She makes sure that I’m comfortable and well taken care of throughout my visit. Hands down the best!

May 26, 2017

by Keiana W.

(Verified Patient)

Dr. Precilyn Silvestre-Melo was very nice and informative. I Must admit that I was scared at first because I don’t like the dentist but Dr.Melo was welcoming and knew her stuff. I will definitely be back in the future. The front desk staff was also very nice. Great office!

May 3, 2017

by Flavie B.

(Verified Patient)

she is good and very professional…

February 15, 2017

by Alanna S.

(Verified Patient)

Great! Dr. Silvestre was recommended to me from family and I will be recommending to more family and friends. They fit me in right away and were ready for me as soon as I got there. Explained everything to me and answered all my questions so I was comfortable and understood what needed to be done. Super nice and friendly staff from the dentist to the assistant and Anne at reception. They did a great job, were very affordable and even called that same evening to see how I was feeling.

August 13, 2016

by Elizabeth M.

(Verified Patient)

In our experience, Dr Silvestre is especially great with small children – she’s patient and gentle, but still makes sure to get a good cleaning in. Glad to have found an excellent local dentist.

July 1, 2016

by Powell G.

(Verified Patient)

The attitude was nice, and conversations were understood.

More than a year ago

by a Verified Patient

Amicable staff. This place is very comfortable for me to visit!

April 28, 2016

by Dawn H

(Verified Patient)

I was never a fan of the dentist, but really who is? I can honestly say that you should absolutely see Dr. Precilyn Silvestre! She and her staff are like seeing family. Very caring, compassionate, and make sure that you are aware of any fees, and next steps. I honestly say I am looking forward to returning, and finishing my teeth. I am sure to have a winning smile with this team!!! Thank you for everything!!

April 23, 2016

by Alicia B.

(Verified Patient)

Great bedside manner and responsiveness.

January 27, 2016

by Frank T.

(Verified Patient)

Very professional very careful and did a great job

November 18, 2015

by Harrison W.

(Verified Patient)

Love going to this Dentist. It’s probably one of the most comfortable and trustworthy experiences I’ve had with a dentist in a long time.

November 7, 2015

by a Verified Patient

I thought she was extremely professional and knowledgeable and very thorough, painless and excellent in result. However, the patient has to be aware & question necessity, insurance coverage & cost of all suggested procedures & treatments–& decline those that are not covered or affordable!

November 5, 2015

by David M.

(Verified Patient)

Great quality care

October 23, 2015

by Salvador H.

(Verified Patient)

She was awesome too real good care of me

September 10, 2015

by Cesar C.

(Verified Patient)

Doctor silvestre is always professional and friendly. I drive over an hour to my appointments, but they are worth it.

September 10, 2015

by George B.

(Verified Patient)

pleasantly suprized by the thoroughness and efficiency of the staff. I have Kaiser senior advantage plus dental and x-rays, cleaning, and exam were handled seamlessly.

August 20, 2015

by Ilene B.

(Verified Patient)

She was thorough, quick & painless & also easy to communicate with.

June 18, 2015

by Ilene B.

(Verified Patient)

Dr. Silvestre’s bedside manner was extremely professional. Also, she was able to immediately determine how to fix all initial problems with no pain–going to great lengths to include additional details to make the treatment complete, so that further visits would be unnecessary. Finally, all treatments were done very speedily!

June 12, 2015

by Raymond C.

(Verified Patient)

She’s very tender and compassionate. She allay my fears of House of Pain (Dentist). Initial visit was a piece of cake. The worst is yet to come and she will have to hold my trembling hands. Will try my best not to shed tears. Salama and Aloha Lei (Ray in Hawaiian)

June 2, 2015

by a Verified Patient

She was very friendly and knowledgeable. She took her time and educated me about the purpose of my visit. I didn’t feel rushed the staff was really really helpful and showed me examples of my options for my next visit. It was my first time at the Newark location, I felt like I’ve been coming to this office forever! I think I’ve found a new dentist, so happy! Thanks for making my visit so pleasant!

May 8, 2015

by Joseph C.

(Verified Patient)

My kids were very happy after their visit. She is very professional and I would recommend her.

April 25, 2015

by Ilene B.

(Verified Patient)

Dr. Silvestre was very personable and thorough, explaining all she was doing in a way easy for a non-professional to understand & doing nothing without first obtaining my permission.

April 17, 2015

by Christopher B.

(Verified Patient)

Very professional ready to give a proper evaluation on my Dental concerns,Only my first visit but I know i’ve made the right choice,

March 27, 2015

by William R.

(Verified Patient)


January 20, 2015

by Chris S.

(Verified Patient)

It was good , she did a good job , very professional and respectful staff.

January 8, 2015

by Ilene B.

(Verified Patient)

I was elated about the appearance of my gums & teeth after my Deep Cleaning treatment session with Dr. Sylvestri. Included in my gum treatment for recession & gingivitus was whitening/polishing the surrounding teeth. Although I have very sensitive teeth, her work was virtually pain free; I had no need for anesthesia.

December 26, 2014

by Christopher V.

(Verified Patient)

Dr Silvestre was very efficient and professional. office visit was overall a pleasant experience, can’t be said about most dental visits

October 21, 2014

by Katherine S.

(Verified Patient)

She made me feel comfortable and explained what she was doing and looking at.

More than a year ago

by a Verified Patient

Nice office. Nice staff.

More than a year ago

by a Verified Patient

The whole team was very patient with my toddler. It was a positive first dental experience!

December 10, 2013

by Craig C.

(Verified Patient)

Very nice visit today, the staff was very friendly and professional. Good quality service all around. Ricardo

More than a year ago

by Michele D.

(Verified Patient)

Dr. Silvestre was really knowledgeable and personable. I really enjoyed meeting her and will be returning for future care.

January 26, 2013

by Stela S.

(Verified Patient)

Amazing doctor! Staff was very attentive, the procedure pain FREE!!!!!

October 2, 2012

by a Verified Patient

Friendly staff and takes extra special attention to patient needs. Never felt any pain even during 4 wisdom teeth extraction.

August 28, 2012

by a Verified Patient

More than a year ago

by a Verified Patient

They provide a great service. I did not wait for a long time.
Phuong T. · June 18, 2015 · Verified

Very nice clean environment, comfortable waiting room, staff is nice. Small place but nice for basic dental work. Groupon discount is very helpful, going back for a filling so we’ll see how that goes too.
Tiara M. · November 20, 2014 · Verified

Staff and doctor are very nice, they really explain things and give you options Quick and painless service
Aida B. · October 7, 2015 · Verified

Great dentist! My total was 5,500 cause i was told i need to add 2 extra teeth and retainer! Procedure wasnt so paintful. Now awaiting my permanent venners!
Fatima A. · March 19, 2015 · Verified
I bought a group on for cleaning and whitening in the office, but it seems that I can’t have whitening until I have redo few old filling in silver. We live in social securely which we can’t afford to have these teeth redo for appearance. Can you ask the office refund my whitening money ( at the time of I bought the coupon it says if office determine if not qualify for whitening they will refund money). Also, I have some sensitive teeth, after the doctor said, I’m worry it will be very painful for me.

Well done! It was such a blessing to be assisted in my time of need. Dr — Craig C. (Patient since 1986)

Well done! It was such a blessing to be assisted in my time of need. Dr. Silvestre was flexible with her time and allowed me to arrive earlier and treated me with outstanding care and service. I am so thankful!

Dec 11, 2013

Dr. Silvestre and staff — Mary W. (Patient since 2003)

Staff is very pleasant. Dr. Silvestre does a great job.

Nov 14, 2013

No real negative comments. Friendly service and took great care to match teeth color. — Kelsi L. (Patient since 2013)

No real negative comments. Friendly service and took great care to match teeth color.

Aug 2, 2013

The office is stylish and comfortable. Staff are all courteous and knowledgeable — Krizia E. (Patient since 2012)

The office is stylish and comfortable. Staff are all courteous and knowledgeable. Best dentist I’ve ever had! She made sure I understood my dental health status and ensured my comfort throughout the procedure.

Jul 15, 2013

Dental cleaning — Ka-Ki H. (Patient since 2013)

Overall service is excellent.

Jul 10, 2013

Great experience — Melanie Z. (Patient since 2013)

Very pleased with all services and care.

Dr.Precilyn Silvestre-Melo is one of the best dentists in bay area and if the surrounding areas. First of all, she is a very skilled dentist. She knows exactly what the patient needs and what to do. She is very kind,gentle ,calm and caring too. I had a life changing smile make over under her care and I am really happy and highly satisfied of her work. She did 4 full porcelain crowns which looks and feels like real teeth. The color and texture are just like the rest of my teeth. I highly recommend her and her clinic. Check her out.

L B. Oakland, CA

Best dentist ever she won’t stop until it’s perfect!!! Got 2 crown and 6 Lumineers. She’s there to please and have a perfect smile. Anne the receptionist was very informative and helpful. I can’t thank you enough …can’t wait to see you soon!!

Bill Nye N. Santa Cruz, CA


My dentist went out of business and I needed to find another place, I don’t trust dentist. I booked an appointment here and Dr Silvestre was great. No cavities, YAY, and no hard sell on other services.

Cesar C. Brentwood, CA

3 check-ins First to Review

Dr. Silvestre is awesome!! she is friendly and is a true pro! got my wisdom teeth removed with absolute pain-free! 😀 extremely recommended if you are looking for a dependable and trustworthy dentist!

Chaiii C. San Jose, CA