Orthodontic braces have been trendy since it was introduced to the market. It is very significant to align and fix the teeth without planting any artificial tooth.
Braces will only be removed when the teeth are already fixed according to the dentist’s plan. It usually takes years, depending on the status of the teeth.
In line with this, brushing the teeth will be a little different than those with no braces.
An interdental brush is a commonly referred toothbrush to use for braces. It has two types; the more significant gap and the smaller gap. Both are needed to clean the teeth.
The brush with a more significant gap will help the bristles reach areas that are being blocked by the braces while the other type will be cleaning the whole mouth.
The more significant gap is the secondary cleaner to remove food remains effectively. It is more effective than flossing.
It is difficult to floss when you have wires in your teeth; that’s why an interdental brush with a more significant gap is recommended.
Using those two, brush the teeth and the braces to avoid decay and interruption to the process of alignment.