Hurting of the tooth after a crown is one of the most common questions patients are asking. Do they need to fear? Well, we are going to answer that starting right now.

There are several reasons why the tooth is hurting after putting a dental crown.

Inflammation of the nerve. It is due to the combination of the decay/creak/break you had and when the dentist fixed it. The process may cause the nerve to swell but this is normal. It will only take time to heal.
It could also be that the placement of the crown was too much causing stress when chewing. If this happens, the dentist will have to fix it until the crown fits perfectly.
You need a new root canal. There is a possibility that the root canal previously done was a failure, thus, giving uncomforting feeling to the tooth. Or the root canal was recently done, it takes time to heal.
These are the common reasons why does the tooth hurt after a crown. There is actually nothing serious about it so take you will just have to wait until the pain is gone.