Taking a Child to the Dentist

How old your child should be to make his/her first visit in a dental clinic? Well, you need to start them young. According to study, you can visit your dentist as soon as the first tooth of your child came out.

This could be around one to two years old. Nothing will be done on the first few visits as the dentist will only let the child feel and enjoy the environment. When he/she feels comfortable already that’s when the dentist will carefully take a look at his tooth.

Parents should also not worry as Dr. Hilado of Luminous Smile Dental is an expert in handling toddlers since she is a mom herself.

Visiting your dentist as early as possible is always a step ahead against dental troubles.

Periodontal Diseases and Treatment

One must not simply stress over the hole in the tooth yet additionally the soundness of the entire mouth. All aspects of the mouth is inclined to which are called periodontal ailments.

The gums, periodontal tendon and the alveolar bone are the parts around the teeth that regularly gets illnesses.

One of the basic contamination is gum disease that influences the gums in the beginning phase before it taints the other structure in the mouth.

This ought to be dealt with a long time before it triggers the connection towards a few wellbeing conditions like coronary illness, diabetes and stroke.


Relieving gum ailment can be careful and non-careful.

In careful activity, the dental specialist will attempt to stop the spread of the contamination before the medical procedure happens. In the wake of taking out the contamination, the patient should return now and again to keep up the soundness of the mouth to keep such ailment from happening.

In the mean time, profound cleaning should be possible by the dental specialist to unravel the periodontal sickness. It will expel the microscopic organisms from the influenced region if the disease hasn’t gone excessively far.

Ravishing Smile Dental is known around California for its best profound cleaning and surgeries for patients. Ensured are the security and quality for each assistance it lead.

Zirconia Restorations

Used throughout the previous three decades for endodontic posts and implants, dental zirconia totally turned the dental world around in 2010 when full-zirconia reclamations came out.

In light of the innovation, zirconia turned into the two-in-one which the last can’t give, it’s characteristic looking and its solidness is certain.

Since these reconstructing endeavors can be made using CAD/CAM development, ideal conditions, for instance, precision and speedier turnaround times help dental masters with satisfying their customers with extended work quality. Zirconia crowns moreover think about straightforward chairside changes, and they’re made to, on a basic level, suffer for eternity.

Zirconia rebuilding efforts are every now and again utilized these days and Luminous Smile Dental offers the administrations with exclusive requirement. Dr. Hilado have been utilizing Zirconia for as long as quite a while and the fulfilled number of patients were at that point incalculable.

While requiring one, don’t stop for a second the best dental center accessible in California!

Gleam quicker with GLO teeth whitening!

The force smile holds is inescapable. The miracles it bring for yourself and others are progressively significant relying upon how you wear that grin.

At Luminous Smile Dental, we flourish to give our patients the most recent medicines and innovation a dental specialist can offer to give the best outcomes.

In doing as such, our facility joined forces with GLO Professional Treatments to bring teeth brightening to an unheard of level!

In-Office Whitening

This should be possible effortlessly inside 60 minutes!

Dr. Hilado is at the head of her group in doing the treatment as she persistently offer the best types of assistance accessible for every patients.

Alongside the administrations of her fragile hands, the teeth brightening treatment likewise incorporates the innovation of warming warmth and light focus fueled by GLO and expert quality brightening gel.

Bring Home Whitening

You can likewise purchased a do-it-without anyone else’s help brightening with the directions given by our dental specialist.

What to expect on first visit at Luminous Smile Dental

Booking your online appointment at Luminous Smile Dental is so easy. Just call the given numbers for our office in Newark or San Jose. After getting it done, a call or email will be delivered to you confirming the appointment in the next 24-72 hours. Another call or email will be delivered to remind the patient 24 hours before the scheduled time.

Now, if it is your first time to visit a dentist or you’re having a new dentist, expect that x-rays will be done to see the status of your teeth. Dental exams will be done as well to check other possible oral disease or symptoms.

While, those may seem a lot of work on your first visit, set aside your worry as we guarantee that Dr. Hilado is capable of making it light and fun in the process.

Give us a call now and let’s make your smile gorgeous as ever!

Oral Piercings: Risks and Safety

Art is an expression or an application of the creative skill and imagination. It can be painting, sculpting, tattoo, piercing, etc.

Art has a wide scope and one that is related to the oral health is the oral piercing. While it is a way of expressing one’s self, it has its own risks that can affect the oral health if not taken care properly.

Piercing the tongue may cause swollenness which could result in difficulty for breathing.

Here are the other risks you may deal with:

Damage fillings
Difficulty in eating, swallowing
Allergic reaction
Gum Disease
May also lead to hepatitis b and c
While we don’t discourage anyone on having oral piercing, there are things to remember so it will not be a burden sooner or later.

We recommend to get vaccines for hepatitis b and c first before undergoing piercing. It is also wise to choose shop that is clean and safe. Also follow the procedures on keeping it clean so it will not ruin your style and your health at the same time.